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Professional Counseling, Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Deborah J. McKenna, CH BCC LCPC offers experienced counseling, hypnotherapy, and life coaching services in Peoria, Illinois and surrounding areas.

Our Services

Deborah J. McKenna, CH BCC LCPC is fully licensed, locally owned, and equipped to offer you a complete range of services, including hypnotherapy, life and wellness coaching, and clinical counseling. Her breadth of education and years of experience allow her to provide you with a wide variety of options to help resolve the issues in your life.


About Us

Deborah J. McKenna, CH BCC LCPC brings her many years of experience to her practice, offering counseling for individuals, families, and Military members Of Peoria, IL and the surrounding areas. She offers a non-judgmental way of helping people find their way in a confusing world.

In addition to her counseling services, Deborah is also an accredited hypnotherapist, offering solutions for weight issues, stress, and smoking. Although treatment times vary by individual, she has experienced a very high success in her 12 years of hypnotherapy.

She is also a Board Certified Life Coach who will develop a close relationship and partnership with you to provide the structure, accountability, expertise, and inspiration to enable client to learn, grow, and develop beyond what s/he can do alone. She will help you improve in all areas of including nutrition, weight, stress, health, relationships, and management of life issues that impact your life.


Patient Reviews

"I shared what I was experiencing with deborah 2 months before I raised the money and went to see her. It was a different experience than traditional therapy sessions. She took time to hear me and was very thoughtful & professional at the same time. I highly recommend her! If you feel like you are dealing with a mental health issue don't hesitate to call."

- Dmilli M.
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