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Hypnotherapy in Peoria, Illinois

Welcome to Deborah J. McKenna, CH BCC LCPC
Deborah J. McKenna, CH BCC LCPC brings her many years of experience to her practice, offering counseling for adolescents, individuals, families, and Military members Of Peoria, IL and the surrounding areas. She offers a non-judgmental way of helping people find their way in a confusing world.

In addition to her counseling services, Deborah is also an accredited hypnotherapist, offering solutions for weight issues, stress, and smoking. Although treatment times vary by individual, she has experienced a very high success in her 12 years of hypnotherapy.
Deborah J. McKenna - Counselor in Peoria, IL
She is also a Board Certified Life Coach who will develop a close relationship and partnership with you to provide the structure, accountability, expertise, and inspiration to enable client to learn, grow, and develop beyond what s/he can do alone. She will help you improve in all areas of including nutrition, weight, stress, health, relationships, and management of life issues that impact your life.

Hypnotherapy services may include:

  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Smoke Cessation
  • Sports Improvement
  • Weight Loss

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