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About Us

Deborah J. McKenna, CH BCC LCPC

My goal is to help the clients resolve their issues in a timely manner. I provide an environment that is geared towards the needs of the client.
Although I believe that the spiritual aspect of the individual's journey is important, I do not place my belief system upon the client. I utilize a wellness model to help the client obtain a more balanced life.
I guide the young adult, adult, and military service members through an in-depth exploration of their lives in order to make a plan of action to resolve their issues and return to a more balanced and harmonic state.

About Deborah

Deborah was enlisted in the ARMY and served our country for 8 years. She served in a MASH unit and gave her full focus on serving her country and her colleagues. This was an incredible experience for Deborah that has forever impacted the way she treats every patient.

Deborah has a rescue cat named Sheeba that has become part of her family. Deborah also has a trained therapy cat. That's right. Smokey is a hypo-allergenic cat that senses pain and distress and comes out to comfort patients when agreed upon. Deborah believes healing comes in many forms and love from an animal is one of those ways!

Give us a call today to find more information about our office in Peoria, Illinois and surrounding areas.

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