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Hypnotherapy Services in Peoria, Illinois

Many people have used hypnosis to get through a variety of issues in their lives. You may recognize some of them! Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Mozart, and Kevin Costner, are just a few celebrities who have utilized hypnotherapy services.

Stop Smoking

We offer a comprehensive two to three session plan to help you stop smoking forever. We will create a program to avoid relapse and help you quit with confidence. You will leave the first session a non-smoker. Several well-known people, such as Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Damon, and Drew Barrymore, have used hypnosis to help them stop smoking.

Lose Weight

This program uses hypnosis as a powerful tool to change negative messages that have become ingrained in the subconscious mind. This allows the client to receive individualized and focused attention on their specific emotional issues which have resulted in weight problems. A weight loss program includes:

  • CDs of the hypnosis sessions

  • Customized educational, counseling, and support sessions

  • Customized hypnotherapy sessions

Medical Hypnsis

Hypnosis is an effective tool for medical patients before surgery, after treatment, and for the purpose of managing symptoms. It is used in the treatment of IBS, fibromyalgia, pain symptoms, dental surgery, cancer treatment, diabetes, hypertension, and lifestyle management.

Sports Peak Performance

Hypnosis is an effective tool to improve and succeed in a wide variety of sports. Doubts, anxiety, and unrelated thoughts can often get in the way of a player's game. That is why famous athletes use sport hypnosis to relax their minds and focus on the challenges in front of them.

Hypnosis Services

  • Anxiety and Stress Management

  • Child Birth

  • Improve Self Esteem

  • Phobias (flying, etc.)

  • Test Anxiety and Study Improvement

Hypnotherapy Services in Peoria, Illinois
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